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Base : 100 x 228 mm
Height : 66 mm
Inserted metal threads : 10 mm


970 - 1030 gr. (dry)

Ambient temperature

between - 40°C till 90°C


Solindis combined market knowhow with top engineering to develop a  recycled rubber mounting block that addresses the shortcomings of the mounting blocks currently available in the market. Our blocks are low weight, cost-efficient, durable and ecological.

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Benefits of recycled rubber

Recycled rubber has a number of key benefits related to both its Eco footprint and to its material properties. 38% of old tires in the EU are recycled into new materials including the rubber granulate and powders we use in the Solindis block. This rubber material  can withstand extremes of ambient temperature without undergoing permanent property change and has a high flash point of 310 °C . The material also has high resistance to wear, chemical decomposition and sunlight and is also a poor thermal conductor so a good insulator. The rubber blocks absorb vibrations and diffuse sound making then suitable for use under a wide range of equipment for long periods of time outside. 

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Barrier solution

There is a concern in the Solar PV sector that
using products made from recycled
rubber, may cause plasticizer migration and therefore material loss specifically on PVC roofs. At the end of 2022 TCT made a break through with a new barrier. The material is patent pending
and has been tested to industry standards, at high pressure and in a full range of ambient temperatures and humidity.
The test results, conducted by independent test house Impact Solutions, showed a loss of PVC material under  1%. 

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